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A Whole Host Of Audio Tools

The DEQ2496 is regarded as the ''swiss-army knife'' of the mastering world, with a whole array of different features to optimise your rigs sound quality. Featuring a range of flexible equalization options plus dynamic and time-correction solutions, the DEQ2496 gives you optimal control over your sound, helping you achieve the perfect balance. Here are a slelection of some of the tools featured:

  • Dual 31-band Graphic Equalizers (stereo linkable)
  • Dual 31-band Virtual Paragraphic Equalizers (stereo linkable)
  • Dual 10-band Parametric EQ’s per stereo side
  • Dynamically-activated EQ
  • Feedback Destroyer with Learning Mode
  • Stereo Imager
  • Compressor/Expander
  • Limiter
  • Digital Delay
  • RTA/SPL/FFT Analyzer with Auto EQ function

Dynamic Equalization

One of the most unique features of the DEQ2496 is the Dynamic EQ (DEQ). This function automatically increases or decreases a defined frequency range based on volume level. Its comprised of a combination between an equalizer and a dynamic processor. This function is great for live performances as it controls any wild frequencies that are likely to affect the sound of the performance, this helps to rein in the unwanted frequencies by changing the volume of certain ranges. The multiple filter types are also fully controllable including a convenient bandpass mode for added versatility. You can also recall any DEQ settings at any time from the processor or via MIDI.

Feedback Destroyer

With all these digital modulation functions included in the DEQ2496, Behringer have also included a greatly-effective Feedback Destroyer (FBQ) function. Its basic design is that of a dynamically-activated parametric EQ that monitors the entire frequency spectrum, then intuitively identifies and removes feedback. The function can be run in Auto or Single mode. A handy feature included in the FBQ is the 'Learn Mode'. This generates short audio pulses and raises their gain until feedback occurs, letting the FBQ find and eliminate the feedback-prone frequencies.

Easy Setup And Use

The DEQ2496 features balanced inputs and servo balanced outputs with gold-plated XLR connectors, AES/EBU and S/PDIF inputs, stereo aux outputs plus XLR and optical output. All these connection possibilities help to deliver an all-in-one processing system ideal for live and studio applications alike. Many of the features are highly intuitive, delivering seamless functionality that can be affected and controlled at your desire. The high quality components and exceptional rugged construction ensures a long life.


  • Ultra-high resolution 24-bit/96 kHz mastering processor featuring 32/40-bit floating-point DSP technology
  • Audiophile 24-bit/96 kHz A/D- and D/A converters offering 113 dB dynamic range
  • 4 concurrently selectable EQ modules (31-band graphic EQ, 10-band parametric EQ, Feedback Destroyer plus 3 Dynamic EQs per stereo channel)
  • Ultra-high resolution 61-band real-time FFT analyzer with additional auto EQ function for room and loudspeaker equalization
  • Unique VPQ (Virtual Paragraphic EQ) option allows parametric control of graphic EQs
  • State-of-the-art compressor/expander with peak limiter per stereo channel, additional stereo imager and stereo delay for delay line applications
  • Multi-functional level meters (peak/RMS, VU and SPL meter with dBA/dBC weighting via RTA/Mic input)
  • 64 user memories for complete setups and/or individual module configurations
  • Separate mic/line input with phantom power for RTA and Auto-EQ applications
  • Balanced inputs and servo-balanced outputs with gold-plated XLR connectors, stereo aux output, AES/EBU and S/PDIF inputs and outputs (XLR and optical)
  • Professional Wordclock input and MIDI connections for full remote control, preset dumps and system updates
  • Open architecture allowing future software updates via MIDI
  • "Planet Earth" switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V ), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life


  • Analog Inputs
    • Type: Electronically Balanced
    • Connector: XLR
    • Impedance: 22kΩ at 1kHz
    • Max Input Level: +12 or +22 dBu, Switchable
    • CMRR: 40 dB Typ
  • Analog Outputs (Main)
    • Type: Servo-Balanced
    • Connector: XLR
    • Impedance: 100Ω at 1kHz
    • Max Output Level: +12 or +22 dBu, Switchable
  • Analog Outputs (AUX)
    • Type: Servo-Balanced
    • Connector: 1/4'' Stereo Jack
    • Impedance: 100Ω at 1kHz
    • Max Output Level: +12 dBu
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz - 35kHz (-1 db) @ 96kHz Sampling Rate
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: > 113 dB Main Input/Output, > 107 dB AUX Output
  • THD: 0.007 Percent Typ. @ +4 dBu, 1kHz, Unity Gain
  • Crosstalk: < 92 dB/-95 dB
  • Bypass: Relay, Hard-Bypass In Case Of Power Failure
  • Measurement Microphone Input
    • Type: Electronically Balanced
    • Input Impedance: 2kΩ
    • Max Input Level (LINE): Variable From -14 dBu to +22 dBu
    • Max Input Level (MIC): Variable From -42 dBV/Pa to -6 dBV/Pa
    • Phantom Power: +15V Switchable
  • Digital Input 1
    • Type: XLR Transformer-Balanced
    • Standard: AES/EBU or S/PDIF
    • Input Impedance: 110Ω
    • Nominal Input Level: 0.2 - 5V Peak-To-Peak
  • Digital Input 2
    • Type: TOSLINK Optical
    • Standard: AES/EBU or S/PDIF
  • Digital Output 1
    • Type: XLR Transformer-Balanced
    • Standard: AES/EBU or S/PDIF
    • Impedance: 110Ω
    • Output Level: 3.5 V Peak-To-Peak
  • Digital Output 2
    • Type: TOSLINK Optical
    • Standard: AES/EBU or S/PDIF
    • Sync Input
    • Type: BNIC
    • Standard: Worldclock (1 x Sample Rate)
    • Input Impedance: 50kΩ
    • Nom Level: 2 - 6 V Peak-To-Peak
  • MIDI Interface: 5-Pole DIN Jacks In/Out/Thru, cf. MIDI Implementation Chart
  • Digital Processing
    • Converter: 24-Bit Delta-Sigma, 64/128 Oversampling
    • Sample Rate: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz
  • Graphic Equaliser
    • Type: Digital 1/3-Oct EQ
    • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz, 31 1/3-oct Bands According to ISO Frequencies
    • Bandwidth: 1/3-oct
    • Control Range: +15 to -15dB
  • Display
    • Type: 320 x 80 Dot-Matrix LC Display
    • Backlighting: LED, Orange
    • Contrast: Adjustable
  • Memory: 64 Presets With 16-Character Names, Single Modules Can Be Recalled & Saved
  • Power Supply: 85 - 250V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 10W
  • Weight: 2.24 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 44.5 mm
    • Width: 215 mm
    • Depth: 482.6 mm

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Behringer DEQ2496 Ultracurve Processor

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